• Removed all i18n tags from Mustache templates. No more {{_i}} and {{/i}} in the docs templates, just raw HTML.
  • Consolidated the Scaffolding and Base CSS pages into a new CSS page. Helps simplify where to find CSS-related things and removes a bunch of overhead in the docs.
  • ❑ Add full gallery showcase page to expand on homepage highlights.
  • ❑ Add variables to dictate page titles for docs pages (rather than abstract from file name). Would improve capitalization, enable more accurate titles, etc.

Global CSS

  • Dropped support for IE7. Removed all * hacks, such as *zoom: 1;, and other IE7-specific lines of CSS.
  • Dropped support for Firefox 3.6. Removed -moz-box-shadow instances and button inner padding hacks.
  • All variables now use dashes instead of camelCase. For example, it's now @body-background instead of @bodyBackground.
  • Responsive CSS is no longer separate. All responsive features are now compiled into the core bootstrap.css file. Separate files are no longer required, and have thus been removed.
  • Removed all color variables (e.g., @blue@orange, etc). New, more meaningful variables are on their way (such as@state-warning-text).
  • Removed .border-radius() and .border-*-*-radius mixins. As only Android 2.1, iOS 3.2, and older desktop browsers require a prefixed version, we've removed the base mixin. Since we no longer require prefixes for independent corners, we've dropped those mixins as well. Mixins for a single side, however, are still in use.
  • Removed layouts.less. Since it only held styles .container and .container-fluid, and the fluid container has been removed (see next section), we move the default .container styles to grid.less.
  • Changed name of clearfix mixin. Mixin itself is now .clear_float() and class is .clearfix. Currently Less doesn't support using a class with the same name as the mixin, thus the change to support the "no classes in mixins.less" attitude.
  • ❑ Standardize use of .*-important and .*-danger classes. Includes buttons, labels, badges, text, alerts. and progress bars.
  • ❑ Update clearfix docs to reflect CSS changes.

Layout and grid system

  • Dropped all things fluid. We removed the fluid grid system, fluid container, and fluid layout.
  • Overhauled default grid system. Now uses percentage widths, padding, and box-sizing: border-box instead of pixel widths and margins. Nesting and offsets remain the same.
  • Removed dedicated table grid system classes.
  • .container now uses max-width instead of width. Helps resolve some issues with containers in components like navbars.


  • Dropped the @altFontFamily variable.


  • Updated box modal for inputs. Switched to box-sizing: border-box; and width: 100%; by default for all textual inputs. This means you'll need to specify a size for inputs, whereas before 3.0 inputs had a set width (around 220px) to start.
  • Deprecated .input-prepend and .input-append for .input-group.
  • ❑ Finish implementing new input groups with segmented button dropdowns.
  • ❑ Separate single button dropdowns from segmented button dropdowns with unique classes.
  • ❑ Rename button group to segmented controller.
  • ❑ Allow form field states to apply to individual inputs.


  • Converted to Glyphicons v1.7 @font-face, dropping the old PNGs.

Buttons and button groups

  • ❑ Refactor to allow dropdowns within button groups
  • ❑ Separate classes for regular button dropdown and segmented button dropdown

Labels and badges

  • ❑ Consolidate down to a single component with a modifier.

Hero unit

  • ❑ Convert class to .jumbotron.


  • Removed the .nav-list option to simplify nav offerings.
  • ❑ Instead, .nav-stacked will be a modifier class for tabs and pills to achieve virtually the same component.
  • ❑ Improve collapsed navbar behavior for better handling of dropdowns and other content.


  • Dropped the .thumbnails meta component. Instead of special HTML and CSS for grid sizing, just use the grid system itself.
  • Individual .thumbnail styles are still available, but for sizing, require a parent with a set width (e.g., grid columns).


We might punt this to a 3.1 release, but I want to record this here for a heads up to keep momentum going after 3.0.

  • ❑ Realigned aesthetics
  • ❑ No more inner modal scrolling. Instead, modals will grow to house their content and the page scroll to house the modal.
  • ❑ Maybe: Three size options (normal, large, and small).
  • ❑ Maybe: Improved vertical and horizontal positioning.

What's being punted

  • Redesigned carousel. Should ideally include new next/prev controls, vertical option, and indicators